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Qingdao Chenglijia Machinery Co,. LTDis an enterprise specializing in the production of textile machinery. With its advanced technology, the company is developing new products constantly. The main products include: FN271F High-speed carding Top-making Machine (The company's patented product), FN271B-type Artificial Fur Card, FA266-type and FA1266-type High-yielding Card and FDY-360-type Proofer (Dyeing, spinning, wool carding), etc. At the same time, the company can manufacture more than 50 varieties of textile machinery products and accessories, including Testing Packing Machine, Printing Machine, High-speed Semi-worsted Carding Series and JW-type Water Jet Loom, BC272H-type Four-carding Machine, A186F 、 A186H and FA204-type Card and B272A-type Worsted Card, etc. In addition, it undertakes cotton card, the transformation of the old card, the manufacture of imported textile accessories, marketing and other business. The products are sold to more than 20 provinces and regions. Some have been entering the international market, and they are popular and favored by the users.

The company has comprehensive inspection and testing capabilities. Stressing product adaptation and technological innovation, the company has trained a group of senior engineering staff. By 1999, they all have achieved computer management, CNC programming automation and semi-automated production level. With perfect quality and perfect after-sales service and the enterprise aim of “With honesty, we create high-quality products to share”, the company was awarded “AAA Credit Enterprise”, “The high-tech industry growing base in Shandong Province” and “the provincial enterprise of contracts and promise keeping for many years.

The company is located in China Textile Machinery City---- Tianjiayao Industrial Park in Wangtai, near the beautiful Jiaozhou Bay, adjacent to the Tongsan highway and 204 State Road, with convenient sea, land and air transportation. “Human’s happiness lies in having bosom friends”. Chairman Zhang Yaoming and all the staff sincerely hope to develop friendship with domestic and foreign businessmen and establish a good long-term business partnership. Sincerely welcome you to visit us.

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