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FDY-360F-type sub-section proofer

Product description:

This machine is mainly used for the tops factory proofing. Can it after a preliminary open pine, mixed refueling wool, cashmere and mixed fiber opening, carding, travel a uniform layer of continuous hair, made of the same width split twist, evenness, the light round tight small tops namely roving for spinning machine use.

Main specifications and technical characteristics:
Mainly by the feed opening section, combing part of sub-section, twist, winding and other major components.
specifications and parameters:
Width: 360mm
The application of the principle of: wool, cashmere, angora, chemical fiber and blended
Belt silk Width: 11.5 mm
Out of Article 22 of the first few:
Appropriate yarn range :8-14
Traverse forms: yarn guide rod traverse
Speed: 16 m / min
Machine power: 2.05 kW
The machine is fully enclosed casing, safe and beautiful.
Dimensions: (L x W x H) 2500x990x1325 (former unit)

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