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FDY,-360G-type winding proofer

Product description:


This machine will be a variety of colors of cotton, wool and chemical fiber opening mixed carded color evenly distributed hair net winding roller for wool, plush, and printing and dyeing mill proofing special.

Mainly by the feed opening section, combing part of sub-section, twist, winding and other major components.
Main specifications and parameters:
Width: 360 mm
Applicable principle: the various colors of cotton, wool and chemical fiber
Out of the net fixed weight of 3-6 grams
The highest yield: 4 kg / h
Stripping Cotton way: cut knife or rollers (two either)
Take-up mode: drum winding
Machine power: 0.75 kW (motor speed regulation)
Cylinder diameter: Φ380
Astoria diameter: Φ275
Open the hair roller diameter: Φ138 mm
Work roll diameter: Φ108 mm
Stripping the hair roller diameter: Φ70 mm
Winding roll diameter: mm PVC HOT
The machine is fully enclosed casing, safe and beautiful.
Dimensions: (L x W x H) 1900x970x1240

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