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BC272 quadruple carding machine

Product description:

This machine is used to open the Songane oil mixed wool impurity mixing and sub-section roving craft made with a certain weight.

Main specifications and technical characteristics:
Forms: upstream half of the week
Cars: left hand car;
Range: 1550 mm;
Can be spun fine yarn range :12-24; Feeding method: mechanical automatic feeding hair;
Feeding the number of 1.2 - 2.5 times / min;
Each feed rate of 150 - 400 g;
Out of the first few: 120,144 two;
Production capacity: The highest speed of 30 m / min;
Motor power: 18.35 kW;
Dimensions (length X width X height): 23025 * 3300 * 2700 mm
Weight: 31 tons

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