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FN271B artificial fur carding machine

Product description:

Cylinder use in this machine, the work roll and stripper roll surface speed between the doffer clothing pin and steering is not the same work on the raw materials (chemical fiber) mixed opening carding, made of a certain weight The tops have regular circle around the bar barrel for the next process.

The model is to absorb the advantages of the English TATHAM and South Korea Dacheng equipment on the basis of similar domestic models, and overcome the original model Xilin Yi wrapped hair, transfer roller easy to jam to clean up trouble and disadvantages. With high yield, evenness, combing a wide range (28-102mm), process adjustment (PLC control), the leading domestic level.
specifications and parameters:
Machine in the form upstream half of the week
Adapt to the raw materials of chemical fiber length 28-102 mm fiber 2.5-20 once
Feeding way to double-box volume of automatic continuous feeding
Commonly used in production of 75 kg / 100 kg /
Feed roller speed of 6-11 rev / min frequency control;
Cylinder speed of 300-450 rev / min frequency control
The form of stripping roller stripping
Cans specification diameter of 600 mm, 900 mm high
10.45 thousand × 2000 × 2400 mm Overall dimensions (length × width × height)
Vehicles do not right-hand car
Machine width 1040 mm
Effective comb width 1000 mm
Tops weight of 10-20 g / m
Total drafting multiple 32-113.5
Doffer speed of 30-50 rev / min (frequency control)
Into the form of coiling into a tube
Total power 11.75 kilowatts
Machine weight about 10 tons

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