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MYH2000 roller printing machine

Product description:

Five roller MYH2000 roller printing machine of pigment multi-color printing machine, the case of China-ROK cooperation in the Korean equipment on the basis of the technical personnel of both sides to further improve the characteristics of the fur, the performance reached international advanced level.
The machine is controlled by variable frequency control, to realize stepless speed regulation; new high hardness rubber roller, printing, and uniform depth, accurate chromatic; drying box with hot air circulation fan, upper and lower air circulation, temperature uniformity, drying speed and achieve energy saving effect.

technical parameters:
Rubber roller width 2000mm 2200mm 2400mm can be customized
The Trapping five color
Printing speed of 0-50 m / min (frequency control)
The cloth speed 0-50 m / min (frequency control)
Drying box length 6000mm 10000mm 12000mm can be customized
Roller diameter 1000mm
Spend precision 0.1mm

Spend a roll diameter of 320mm (standard maximum 200mm) Flowers by the horizontal two-way adjustment
Host power 7.5KW (without drying box)
Dimensions X * 3400 * 4500mm (L * W * H)

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