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18 Road, Computer Jacquard artificial fur machine

Product description:

Functional Description:
A pure computer control system, the application of touch screen operation and display, the real operational simplicity, intelligent control and refinement. Pure computer control system not only improves the flexibility of the operation of equipment, and also provided a guarantee for the equipment upgrade. When the fingers touch the screen, you will feel the fun of the new technology;
2, newly developed pattern design system allows you to achieve the flowers is limited, unlimited drawing board ", click on the wish is easy;
Broken needle testing of new technology can more effectively improve the fur weaving Quality;
Combing head design is more reasonable, the speed of feeding hair, hair volume has been effectively controlled, and can be adjusted according to the tops of the performance differences, broadening the scope of application;
5 adjustable tile design, able syringes rotating parts to perfectly adjust the high transmission smooth and the overall stability. Maintenance is simple and convenient;
Volume brora currently the most advanced magnetic tension control system, are available upon request to adjust the tension, improve the quality of the fur woven;
7, uphill corner and down the seat of foreign advanced "A" "B" block design allows knitting needles, sinkers and other parts of the work of a more coordinated and accurate, you can achieve a similar block in the same location at random exchange; < br /> 8, the functional design of the new jacquard dual-use machine, so that work becomes more convenient. Production of plain jacquard artificial fur, just replace the two components of weaving, adjusting a set of jacquard - plain transposition device, the replacement of a program, two hours to complete. More distinctive jacquard plain transposition device can make jacquard piece and needle selector in a non-work state, so that the adjusted jacquard both pure plain all of the features of the machine;
9, the new and improved density adjusting device, improve the consistency and accuracy of the brightest density regulation, reducing the difficulty of shunting operation easier;
10, increasing the capacity of the cloth storage cylinder, better adapted to the production process requirements;
11, the advantages of the product design set of imported machines, the overall structure is more reasonable, pleasing in appearance, completely comparable with the imported machine.

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