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A186H Carding Machine

Product description:

The machine before the procedure is a combination machine, cotton opening and cleaning after the procedure and the machine is mainly used for processing cotton and chemical fiber. Process sent cotton (chemical fiber) volume or supply of cotton from the cotton box (synthetic) layer opening carding impurity. Was curled lump of cotton group has become the basic straight single fiber state, and in this process to get rid of Qing Hua process legacy of broken seed, acrobatics and short fiber, and then cluster into a sliver of a certain specification stored in the bar barrel, for the drawing process.
Main specifications and technical characteristics:
Computer control to detect and significant number of relevant parameters. Fixed cover and carding plate before and after the set, with the Astoria back to spend the thick volumes, such as broken bars from the stop, out of speed, drafting multiple detection, fixed-length show.
Cover 0.56 mm heel toe, improve carding effectiveness. Astoria motor frequency stepless speed regulation, Slow Health head, fast operation, the use of intermittent suction and continuous suction of the two forms for user selectable.

Machine: right-hand (standing in front of the Astoria)
Machine width: 1020 mm
Applicable lap: the maximum diameter of 550 mm
Width: 980 mm
Cylinder diameter: φ1289 mm
Astoria work diameter: φ707 mm
Cylinder speed (optional): 330 rev / min (chemical fiber)
360 rev / min (spinning cotton)
Doffer speed: Frequency Control
Drafting multiple :67.3-120 .2
Additional combing parts: roller carding plate, front and rear fixed cover
Machine weight: 4.50 tons
Motor: main motor 3.3kw, Astoria motor 1.1kw
Dimensions (length × width): 3 684 x ​​2009.5 mm
Production capacity: 30 kg / Taiwan

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