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FA266 type carding machine

Product description:


This machine is suitable for the processing of cotton fibers, synthetic fibers and blends. Made of cotton opening and cleaning process with a certain uniformity of cotton (chemical fiber) volume or supply of cotton from the cotton box (fiber) layer opening, carding, cleaning, mixing, and exclude a number of short fiber and impurities, cluster into a certain size of the sliver law on Article barrel for the next process to use.

Main specifications and technical characteristics:
Appropriate range of spinning: fiber length 22-76mm cotton, chemical fiber and blended
Weight of cotton :350-1000 g / m
Working width: 1000 mm
Total draft in multiples of 70 - 130 times
Sliver count :3.5-6 .5 g / m
Highest speed: 240 m / min.
The actual maximum yield: 93 kg / h
Licker diameter: 250 mm
Cylinder diameter: 1290 mm
Xilin work speed :360-500 r / min.
Astoria work diameter: 706 mm
The doffer work speed :10-65 r / min.
Rotary cover plate (cover work / cover total) 30/82
Cover speed :133-278 mm / min
Fixed flats: 4
Web cleaner: previous 1 2
With use the coiler forms: manual or rotary three-position automatic changer
Equipped with a sliver specifications: Φ600x900 Φ600x1100 and
A single continuous suction :3500-4000 m3 / h
The total installed power: 6.99 kW
Dimensions (L x W x H) 3200x1975x2160 (not including ring)

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